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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strawberry Jam-


When we arrived here last week, to my delight I discovered that strawberries were currently in season.  That afternoon we bought a kilo for 20 pesos…and then they were gone within two days.  On Monday, when we went to the open-air market, everyone was selling a kilo for 15 pesos.  I bought another kilo and decided the goodness should last a little longer than two days.  We ate some fresh, and one afternoon last week, I had some sweetener,  cooked them down and canned them.  And now that they are on their way out of season, we have some as back-up!

At the market I also tried a mouth-watering black berry, but they had a high price.  I was told that in a few weeks people will be bringing in heaps of them from their farms.  Yum….anticipation!

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