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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Settling in….

We got back from the beach a few days ago.  We arrived to a house that had nothing resembling order and set to work.  The next morning we woke up, had breakfast, and I stood at the door and watched Rafa walk out to work.  Judge if you will…but all I wanted to do at that moment was crawl back in bed and cry.  It seemed like we had just begun to be together, and we were about to pass a whole day without each other.  Instead of running back to bed, I cleaned up from breakfast, opened my Bible and poured my heart out to the Lord, writing it all in my journal.  Sometimes it is  good to be alone.  God changes me (and my perspective) when I am alone with Him.

I moved to the other bedroom that is serving as a storage room, to begin organizing the mountain of stuff. No sooner had I lost myself in sorting clothing, and I heard the front door open.  I was not sure who-in-the-world would be opening my front door.  And in walks Rafa.  He extended his time off to a whole week and would not rerun to work till Monday.   And so we have spent the weekend settling in together.  And our new “real life”  starts tomorrow. 


*A preview of the kitchen.*

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