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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am growing to love our little apartment.  Its become a place I love to be.  For the curious and prosperities sake, I took some pictures of the kitchen as it is to day.  Its unique and simple.  Perfect for our family of two.


^ Looking out from the kitchen to the front door.  Off to the right is the dinning/living room.  Here there are more than a few nails in the wall and holes where nails have been, but we are not aloud to make our own, so we have become creative with the existing ones. There are four by  the door, where we have a clock, my apron, a bulletin board,  and a spare one for keys, scarfs, or a purse. 

>  The bar top where the picture above was taken.  Here we have a tin for utensils, on for tea, the salsa bowl, a cup for sugar, and a candle. We currently eat at this bar too.   The napkin underneath was my great-grandmother’s. 


IMG_0212<Taken from the other side of the countertop, the stove in the background, and my crockpot with tonight’s dinner on a chair in the foreground.  In the oven I keep the pots, pans, and mixing bowls. To the side of the stove is our cooking/drinking water and a tray with cups and pitchers on it.




To  the left, is the sink and some counter space.  and the back door leading out to the patio.  The kitchen has no cabinets, (a normal thing in this area) so I took an un-occupied curtain and made a covering for the space under the sink.  Under there I keep appliances groceries in a large cloth bin, cleaning supplies, and kitchen utensils. The countertop holds the dishes, and the drying rack. 





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