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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This week we said goodbye to a precious toy…


Job’s first rattle.  His tio Ivan bought it for him just a couple of weeks before he was born. And it had been with us ever since.  It was made from a gourd with a few seeds inside and painted with bright colors.  Mexican to the core.   From the first few weeks of his young life, we would shake it to catch his attention.  And over the weeks and months he learned to hold onto himself, use it was a tether, and eventually shacking it like made himself and throwing it down to hear the load bang….

…and that brings us to earlier this week.  The little man is so strong.  He threw his beloved rattle down and gave it the fatal blow.  It broke in two.  There was a moment of sadness.  But the best thing about being 5.5 months old and your favorite toy disappearing? Your long term memory hasn’t developed enough to remember it!  So the boy delightfully continues playing with whatever he can get his pudgy little hands on. 

For this momma it was a bitter sweet moment.  Because my babe is growing and learning and giggling his heart out, but to me these past 5+ months all seem like yesterday. 

A gift of sunshine.



{And no editing on this picture. Not that it’s a great picture, but just to say that the sky really is that blue and the sunflower really is that yellow.}



Our favorite time of day! 

{Except for play time with papa, eating, going out for a walk, morning, story time, sleeping, being outside with the plants and animals, and….so yeah, every time of day is a favorite time a day with this bundle of sweetness around!}


The Land of Milk and Honey…










….and giant avocados!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chick-y Cuteness

Out of the 10 eggs we started with, six hatched into beautiful, multicolored unique chicks {I mean, mini-chickens} and the other four were watery.  As far as my chicken knowledge goes 60% is a good average rate. 



{The six mini-chickens.}


{We have been feeding them bits of tortilla masa (basically just ground up cooked corn). They love it!}

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mini Chickens


Last night a little after 11, Rafa and I cuddled on the couch watching the last few scenes of a movie. 

“Tweeeeeeet. Tweeeeeeet.” Comes a faint sound from the patio.  Both of us look at each other cause we were not sure if we had heard correctly.  We both smile big, slip on shoes, grab the camera, and run out the back door. 

Upon arriving at the nest, there is no doubt. Chicks have hatched. 



We only hear a couple chirping and die for a peek, but the momma hen is feeling a little too overprotective {a feeling I can totally relate to!} and does not let us take a look. We figure there are still a few left to hatch, so we think it best to leave well enough alone and leave the hen to her mothering.  We place a bit of food and water in small containers close to the nest and head inside to call it a night. 





Once inside Rafa puts on his million dollar smile smile and says, “Tenemos mini-chickens!” 

Se llaman chicks,” I respond, taking the opportunity to throw in some English vocab. 

“No,” he continues grinning, “Mini-chickens!” 

So folks, we have mini-chickens! 



Come morning, we head back out to see what we can see.  This time we are not disappointed! There is more movement in the nest and a bit more chirping.  We spot at least four chicks and see a couple of unbroken eggs. The little guys peep out here and there, but still stay nice and warm under their mamma.  She is a bit friendlier this morning, just so long as we don’t get too close.  She has done an amazing job on her own thus far, so we are letting her be.

Being this up close and personal to nature and creation thrills the heart and cannot help but make us stop and praise the Creator.  We have watched this process all along from the beginning with the rooster and the hen, feeding and cleaning them, the eggs, the hen going broody, setting up the nest, and then waiting while the mother did her job.  The feeling of awe and praise is similar to beginning on top of a mountain in the pitch black dark, miles from civilization, and looking up at the stars that just keep going and going.  You wonder at how great the Being who thought them into existence must *really* be and your heart can only sing, “How GREAT Thou art!” 

Is chicken raising just a hobby?  I think not.  It is a simple day-to-day activity that humbles me as I stand in awe of my Creator-Savior.  It causes me to worship Him just for who He is.   And isn’t it just like God to use something as simple as chickens to bring me to Himself?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Home Again, Home Again.


{A stump I had been eyeing outside a local carpenter shop.  When I came home, it was waiting in the front patio. Our Doberman, Rojo is in the background.}


{The sunflowers have buds.}


{We had been given corn right before I left, so it was too hard to cook up and eat.  When stringing it up to dry, I was delighted to find that each ear was either purple or blue. I don’t think these kernels will be going to the chickens, but saved to plant next year.}


{The hen is still in her place.  If all goes well, we should have chicks by the end of this week or the very beginning of next! But as they say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!}

Barefoot in Georgia


{And please note the adorable pudgy arm as well!}

More Friends.


Monday, October 8, 2012

4,000 Words

Sunday Night.  Pure delight. And baby drool. 

{I and the brown-eyed little man are State-side for a few days, missing my beloved but enjoying every precious moment here.  The picture series above sums up the past few days beautifully.  We will be back to our regularly scheduled program here on the blog once we are back home.} 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Broody Lady.


She has been quite faithful at her post and mothering skills.  A few more weeks and we shall see if all her work and patience pays off!



There is nothing quite like Mexican coke.  It has more sugar than the U.S. version and is an essential element in the Mexican culture.  As a general principle we do not buy coke when eating here at home, but gladly except a glass {or three} full when eating with others or we have visitors. 

The other day however, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice cold coke.  Rafa went out to buy and came back with the above bottle.  I thought, “Now why did he buy such a small one?!” Then I looked closer and realized it was a 2 liter!  

You know you have been in Mexico too long when….