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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chilling it….


006 (2)One of the unique things about living here, is living without some of the modern conveniences that I grew up with. But, people here seem to know all sorts of different ways to get around that. The culture here is designed for lack of modern conveniences. Some people have them, and others don’t.  For example, the other night we wanted to watch a movie and have popcorn.   We went to one of the little neighborhood  stores in search of the desired treat.  I heard Rafa ask for microwave pop-corn, and I thought,  “I must not have understood. He would not be asking for microwave pop-corn, cause we don’t have a microwave.”   Sure enough, the man brought out a couple of bags of microwave popcorn and asked us which type we wanted.  We told him and he disappeared around the corner.  A couple minutes later I heard popcorn popping, and he brought out our bag. We walked a few house down back to our apartment,and enjoyed our popcorn and movie. 

Another think we do not have is a refrigerator/ freezer.  We both like our water/tea/lemonade at least chilled if not with ice.  There are two solutions I have found for this.  One is, at the local neighborhood stores. (the front room of someone’s house, most of the time.  They buy things in bulk in the center of town, and sell it for a bit more right down the street.   There are probably five within one block of our apartment.)  There you can buy bits of ice for a few cents.  The other solution we have found is to fill up a metal water bottle with said beverage and immerge it in our water cistern we have on the back patio.  The water there is cooler than room-temp, and within 20 minutes we have a nice chilled beverage.  

Adapting to a different way of life can be challenging and fun.  It has certainly been teaching me the difference between my “must haves”  and my “I would like to haves”. 

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