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Friday, February 3, 2012



A very round, quite adorable, chocolate-brown Doberman.  A sweetheart through and through. 


My dear Rafa has never quite understood the mentality behind blogging, reading blogs, and status updates on Facebook. “Why do they really care?  Why do you really care to know what someone ate for dinner last night?!”  he questions with a grin and a shake of his head. 

Recently, we have been reorganizing, de-cluttering, simplifying, and marking projects off our to-do list, cause as you may know there will be a little person coming to live with us in about three months.  Our house is new, and was built {like most homes here}  without cabinets, closets, or storage space.  I like it because it makes you keep only the things you use and become creative whenever you do not have something you think you need.  Most of our belongings we keep in suitcases or crates on the floor.  That works for a young married couple in a new home, but when you think about a baby and all his things moving into that, you realize you need a more permanent solution. 

One of our projects has been shelving. We worked on it over several of Rafa’s lunch breaks and finished up last week.  As we were finishing Rafa said, “Now this is something you should put on your blog!”  So here it goes…

I do not have any before pictures, but here is the space at the very beginning of the project.  It is a corner between our bathroom and back doors. 


And then our after pic…


One day we may get cute little matching boxes or baskets for everything, but for now we are quite pleased with the result.  It serves it’s purpose and does not look half bad! And in the process of organizing everything, we were able to get rid of a lot.  The only thing left sitting on the floor now is a suitcase for each of us with our clothing in it. 

It is great {and economically friendly} being married to a guy who knows how to make an idea come to life with a few handy tools.  And I thoroughly enjoy being his assistant! 

The Day God Gave me a Chicken…

I have wanted hens for a long time now.

But there was always one thing and then the other…Apartment living,  no closed in yard space, going out of town, then the cold season. Then there is the list of a million other things that are more important than chickens that we hope to accomplish before Baby D makes his arrival.  Building a chicken coop, buying chicks, and all that while desired where put on the back burner. 

Until a couple of weeks ago.  Rafa came home from work for lunch with a cardboard box.   A hen was inside!   She “just-so-happened”  to show up at the shop where he works. And wouldn’t you know?  She has been quite faithful in her egg laying duties.  She is calm, does not destroy things, and clucks occasionally, but other than that you would have know idea she was around. 


I know that she was a sweet gift from God.  A just-because-I-love-you gift.  I smile and give thanks every time I step outside to see her or pick up a still warm brown egg. 


“…Every good and perfect gift comes from above…”