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Monday, March 7, 2011



The day the local open market. 

I made plans with my suegra and tia Ana yesterday.  They would pass by the apartment sometime around mid-morning and we would be on our way.

So after breakfast and saying goodbye to Rafa, I sat down to finish my tea and figure out the week’s menu.  I made a list of everything I would need, then proceeded to  look up the Spanish version of  words I did not know. The family came and we were off.  I have been to this market before and I thoroughly enjoy going…the smells, the sounds, people watching, taste testing… Having my list in Spanish helped a good bit but, as with English, the dictionary word is not always the word that is used locally. The word “yeast” did not work out for me, and based my description of it, I walked out with baking soda instead of yeast.  But I learned something!  And no worries, I ended up with yeast eventually. 

And thus began the shopping adventures….

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