Where you go, I will go; where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people for your God is my God.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Quite and Peaceable

Peace fills the house.  Lunch simmers on the stove and the front door stands open, the cool breeze passing through.  Freshly folded laundry sits on the table, waiting to be put away.  Match box cars fill the other end of the table while their owner, 6-year-old Gael sleeps under a blanket canopy in our bed. How I have enjoyed {his} summer vacation.  My days are filled with a little boy companion, bloody mouths, desperate searching for bathrooms, and a million questions.  I do not babysit him.  I ask for him to come over and play.  He has a place in my heart that I never knew existed.  I just hung up with Rafa.  He is on his way home for lunch.   Life is calm and beautiful.  And it is greatly appreciated after the curve balls the past couple of weeks have thrown us.  We live thankful for the life we have, the love that is shared, the hardships that come, and the grace that covers it all.  





We live thankful, because what else could we really? 

“…that we may lead a quite and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.” 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It’s Monday.  Again, just another day of the week.  

We are still without internet, and as I suspected, the internet company has us running around in useless circles for the fun of it.  We were given a number to call to report the fried modem.  Call the number: no answer.   Call again:  a bunch od recordings.   Go back in person to the internet office  only to hear, “We cannot give you a new modem until you call to report the damaged one.  Keep calling.  Be patient.”  Well, if I have not mastered patience at I have been here in Mexico a year, then I will never learn it. 

The weekend was lovely.   I somehow caught a cold.  And not just the normal stuffy head junk, but the ache-y tiredness all over part.   But I am not one to complain! Thanks to my dear husband and wonderful in-laws, I was well taken care of.  Warm cinnamon tea with a hint of sugar and a splash of lime, several long backrubs, and the extra little things Rafa did around the house because he knows I just rest better when the house is tidy.  I am not sure what all I have ingested medicine wise since Friday evening, but it has done it’s job

We also have new neighbors.   A nice couple with two adorable daughters.  Ages 2 and 4.  But wait!   It gets better!   They speak English.  Not their first language, but they speak it well.  I have not come across anyone truly English speaking here, and what do you know?  They showed up at my doorstep!  I think we may have found some new friends. :)

I just got a text from Rafa saying he was on his way home for lunch.   And guess what?  I still get butterflies in my stomach.  Being married has not and perhaps, never will be easy, but it’s the BEST.   I enjoy being married and I love being Rafa’s wife. 

And he is here now, so off I go! 



Friday, July 22, 2011

lightning bolt.

It’s Friday.   That really means nothing special, just a day of the week.   But it is special because “this is the day the Lord has made, {so} I will rejoice and be glad in it!”  

Our internet (which is still at my suegra’s until we move into our new house) has been down the past couple of days thanks to a nice lightning bolt.  Other people on the street are without internet too, so we know it is not our problem. I know I should go to the internet office and talk to the people there, but I do not want to hear what again “Venga la otra semana porfavor.”   (“Please come back next week.”)  It seems to be the most popular phrase which really means, “We-have-no-idea-what-to-tell-you-or-we-know-you-are-not-going-to-like-what-we-have-to-say, so I am just going to tell you to come back next week.” Most of the time they have you come back next week at least five times in a row.   It’s cruel really.  But now that I understand the system, its all a lot less frustrating, and a lot more entertaining. A great way to meet people.  “Hola, my name is Kat, this is my account number.   I am experiencing X problem.   Great meeting you.  And of course, si, I will come back next week.”   Everyone in the towns record office, and just about everyone at the electricity office,  knows me by name.  Pretty soon everyone at the immigration office, and now the internet server, will too.  


That same lightning bolt always fried an uncle’s TV too.   His son…my six year-old-cousin Gael who sometimes shows up here on the blog, is lost. He has no idea what to do with out 24/7 TV access, especially now that it is summer.  So we have been spending a lot of time together.   The other day we ran errands together and then went home to fix lunch.  As he was topping a casserole with  cheese before it went into the oven he peered up at me and said, “Umm, Kat, does Rafa actually eat what you make?!”


The next day he and another friend of ours came over.  We made sugar cookies.  Gael had the idea to pass them out.  It was a wonderful idea, so we sat down, made a list of potential cookie receivers, and then they each picked two people.  


They made cards for each of their selected people with the title “5 cosas me gustan de ti…”  or “5 things I like about you…”  I was blessed to be one of the people chosen to receive cookies and a card.  They did all the selecting, I promise!  Here are the things my card said,

  • I like how you smile.
  • I like your hair.
  • I like your eyes.
  • I like your hair.  (I must have some pretty amazing hair!)
  • I like your shoes.
  • I like your glasses. 


We packaged it all up, and then made our deliveries.  We came across a couple very surprised people and we had a wonderful time passing out the cookies. 

Yesterday us women folk of the family where invited to an uncle’s workshop.  It happens to be where Rafa works, so I had no problem going along.  We bought gordititas and a coke and enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there.  I enjoyed watching my husband hard at work and giving thanks to the Lord again that he spends his day doing something he loves. 


Last night we invited a couple of people from the family to come watch a movie.  I made apple tea and they were going to bring sweet bread.  Normally when we have people over for a movie, we set up the air mattress in our bedroom, place the laptop on a chair, and hook up the speakers. {Rafa has dreams of an in home theater.  One day, they may come true, but for now he does a great job with what we have.} Then we all prop ourselves up with pillows and settle in for the movie.  Well somehow, the amount of people that came over last night were more than double the expected!   So we pulled the mattress out into the living room, placed them long ways along the wall, and filled them with pillows and blankets.   One giant sofa!  When the amount of people double, the amount of food normally triples!   We had a grand time, even though we lost a few people during the movie to sleepiness.  


We were so tired afterwards, that we just curled up under the blankets in the living room and slept there all night long. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Saturday evening. We walk back to our apartment hand in hand from an afternoon spent painting out house.  Hunger turns in our stomachs.   It is still early, but we had seen the sky and knew rain was on its way.  Rafa looks at the dark clouds closing in on us and the bright sunlight still shinning brilliantly just a couple of blocks in front.   He says, “There is going to be a rainbow.”   We walk quickly, almost  running to bet the storm.   We begin to feel soft drops splatter across our faces.  “There it is!”  he cries with a grin.   I turn to look behind me. A rainbow gleaming in a perfect semi-circle; not one end or the other can be seen.   We hug tight and Rafa takes a couple of pictures.  How awe-striking it is to look back at the storm and see a rainbow.   A symbol of God’s ever faithful promise to mankind.  

Last week we found ourselves caught unexpectedly in the middle of a storm.  The situation, which was mostly not of our making, is almost completely resolved now, but in those moments of unknown, it seemed like an eternity.   It was a battle not to panic, not to think about the “what-ifs”, to choose to remember, and give Him thanks through it all.   Something I wrote in one of those moments:

“We are at peace because we know Who we serve.  We are His children and He is our protector.  He does not give us the grace today for what will happen tomorrow, but His mercies are new every morning and  His grace always sufficient.  In Him {alone} we live, move, and have our being.”

The same God who was with Noah all through the flood that destroyed the rest of mankind, is the same God who remained with us through the small, yet intimidating, personal storm we passed through last week.  

So, we stood there hugging in the rain, taking in the majesty of that rainbow that Saturday evening, remembering our Savior and His faithfulness  that we had seen yet again in our lives just that week.   We stood in the middle of the storm, looking at His promise; a rainbow. 

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Or getting there at least! Where we are at in Mexico is a place known for being cold.  We are high in elevation and if you go out of town in one direction, you will go down into the mountains, and if you go out the other, you will go up into more mountains. I personally do not see it as being too cold, but when you live in homes made out concrete with tile flooring and no indoor heating, and walking, not driving, is the norm, there is really no escape from the cold.  Our rainy season got a jump start thanks to some tropical storms and with it comes the cold.  For now it warms up nicely during the day, but the nights are frigid.  I have been attempting to make our apartment homier and warmer.  

I started with the bedding.  Three blankets and one down comforter.  And jersey sheets.  IMG_0688

Extra blankets have found their way around.  From covering doors and chairs, to resting, ready for quick use, in oversized clay pots.  IMG_0682

Making sure there is plenty of lighting is a must.  When there is sunshine, I let it pour through the large windows.  When there is not, a candle is always burning.  IMG_0679

I am in search for a couple of rugs too. Obviously, I want them to be ones that will work in the other house too. Because I am not sure how everything will go there as of yet, I am holding off for now. Right now we have a spot by the front door for taking off shoes.   I want to have a place to hang coats, and a basket full of slippers and fuzzy socks to use instead of the flip flops we normally wear around the house.   These days you can normally find a pot of hot cinnamon tea on my stove, which is sure to cut through the nippiness…and of course fresh baked sugar cookies cannot hurt either.  And, as always, the more people there are around the table, the warm the house stays.  

So tell me, are you ready for colder weather, or are you looking forward to blistering August?   

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



My husbands job.   Far from easy, but he loves it.  He has dedicated himself to learning the trade well, constantly asking questions and paying attention to learn more.  When he has the chance he looks up videos and information on the internet to learn more. He works hard and is dependable.  On cold rainy mornings we still pulls himself out from under warm covers and walks to work. He comes home daily with a new story to tell and can go on and on about what he learned and did that day.  I love listening.  Through his stories I have learned welding/mechanic terms in Spanish…and I cannot even tell you what they are in English! It is great to have a husband who loves his work, but I am grateful he loves me, and ultimately his Savior more!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make a joyful noise…


One of the joys that I have had in my life over the past several months is meeting with a group of delightfully honest ladies weekly to study God’s word, prayer, and visit dear ones who for some reason or another need prayer, encouragement, or just a hug to know they are loved.   Every other week we individually study one of the Psalms, then take turns leading the discussion.  We are two lessons away from finishing the study, and my turn to lead has come around.   The Psalm we are studying is the 100th.   One all about praising the Lord, giving thanks, because of who He is.  It is a tiny one, just five verses, but packed full of conviction and practical advice for daily worship.     Have you ever met a person with a heart full of gratitude?  You know, the type of person who sees the one ray of sunshine and does not even seem to notice that they are in the eye of a tornado?   The one where you look at their live and think to yourself, “If that was me, they would have thrown me in the loony bin a *long* time ago!”  The type of modern day Jobs who when everything around them falls apart, when all is lost, they morn, but yet fall down and worship.  How in the world?!   


I have come to a conclusion that gratefulness does not start with doing, it starts with being.  It is something you do because of who you are.  HIS child.  It is an internal change that has so many outward consequences.  And it starts with knowing Him.  Who He is.  “Know ye that the Lord He is God:  it is He that has made us.”  “For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endures to all generations.”  How do we became grateful, worshipping people?  By taking note of who He is!   By knowing Him and remembering what He has done. 


This is something that the Lord had been working on in my heart already.  Showing me my lack of recognizing Him, His working and His timing, and therefore having a rather whinny attitude.   Such a small example…the other day it rained right after I had washed clothing.   And when you count on the sun to be your dryer, rain is not a good thing.  But I love the rain and had a wonderful, regenerating nap that afternoon as it poured outside my window.   But was I able to say, “Thank you Lord for the rain!”?   Or did I choose to complain to my husband about how it seems to rain every time I wash?!  Or when my husband has a late night at work do I give thanks that they have work that is keeping him there  or do I grumble because my plans for the evening have been changed?  

Here are a couple things that I am working on making into habits, so that I learn to become a grateful worshipper. These ideas generate from things that I have read, heard or seen in the lives of others.   

~  Choose to remember: “Know ye that the Lord is God.” I keep a journal, sometimes just lists of the things the Lord has done in my life.  When things to not go my way (um….it’s a daily thing!)   I have a record to go back and remember the great things He has done.  

~Be purposeful:  “…be thankful unto Him and bless His name.”  I know when my heart is not right, the moments I am tempted to react by my emotions instead of living by what is true.   When I know my heart is full of anger, I purposefully sit down and write out 10, 15, 20 things I am grateful for.  Its work and sometimes painful, but the attitude of my heart slowly begins to change.

~Set the time: “Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with singing.”  I know myself and  giving thanks as a form of worship will not happen unless I set a specific time….and multiple times a day.  Most of the time it is after an activity is complete.  For example, “Once I get back from the market and before I start lunch, I am going to give thanks.”   So whether it be working on memory work, reading a Psalms, singing or listening to praises songs, or writing down what I am grateful for in that moment, thanks and praise is given.  I am considering setting specifically hourly times like 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and stopping when those times come and give thanks.   But so far I have not tried it that way.  

~Know Him: “For the Lord is good…”   It seems simple, but knowing Christ, more of His love will naturally generate gratefulness.   It has been said “To renew your love for Christ, review His love for you!”  


Like I said above, these are things I am trying to do, attempting to form them into habits.   I am still not there yet.  Truth be told, it is a long way  off.  But thanks be to Him, because He is bringing me closer and closer to Him, changing my heart to one of gratefulness, and filling my lips with praise. 

“…His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011




Above is a picture of  the four kittens my in-law’s cat had a few weeks ago.  Three of them are pure black and one of them is tan.  They tan one will soon be moving to our house.  I am not a fan of cats, but they do a great job keeping away the mice.  I have always told Rafa I would rather of a cat than have mice in my house.   He was in agreement until….


Our neighbors’ grandkids stopped by and asked if we wanted these guys.  The are affectionately named “Pinky y el Cerebro” (Pinky and the Brain).  Looks like we get the cat and the mice!  


And since the fish bowl had to be turned into a home for the mice, our goldfish got a new home too!   

Fun, fun!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And time goes…

I keep our pictures on the computer, organized by year and later on by month.  Every month that I create a new folder, I find it hard to believe that another month has come already.   I mean, wasn’t it *just* Easter?!

When the days rolled from June into July, we celebrated six months of being married.  A half a year has passed since that crazy wonderful day that was January 3rd, 2011.   One day soon I hope to write all out, but will hold off for now. These past six months have been more than I ever expected.  More wonderful, more challenging, more abundant, and more beautiful.  I have realized time and time again who we really are: sinners and children of grace.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Being Rafa’s wife has refined me in so many ways.   I have seen what unconditional love looks like with my human eyes, the beauty of a servant’s heart, how to leave and cleave, how dependent I really am even though I long for independence, what it is to make a home, a life, with someone else, and I am learning what it means to die daily.   I have also learned that Rafa is not everything I need and I am nothing close to being everything he needs.   I cannot complete him and he cannot complete me.   We are complete in Christ.  HE is the one who completes us.  Rafa is not “it”  for me and I am not not “it” for him.  We were never meant to be “it”  for each other.  Christ is to be our all in all.   And how grateful we can be for that!  

A few pictures from our evening celebrating our marriage! 






IMG_0633We are young, strong willed, somewhat foolish, ever growing, and madly in love.  We have only been married for 6 months, but in these six months we have experienced more love and joy than I believe most people experience in 60 years!  I am so very glad I said “SI!”