Where you go, I will go; where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people for your God is my God.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Morning Push-Ups


The other day he got one knee bent up ender his bum too.  I think life is about to get really exciting!  

Can’t wait!

{Well, actually I can and I will.  I will take my sweet boy as a little baby as long as I can get him!!}

Big Boots to Fill.


And my little boy soon-to-be man is  ready to slip on his boots and head to work with his dad.  Cause what in the world could be better than being like his papa?!

Harvest Time. All the time.





{Our own small harvest we ate fresh as it came out of the garden,   Thanks to open air markets and fresh fruit and vegetable stands , we can find produce practically being given away during it’s harvest time. Each week I dedicate a few pesos from the grocery budget to have when I come across a good deal. And thanks to the fact that we live in a central location geographically, something is almost always in harvest. Therefore we buy the produce for pennies, process and store it, and then enjoy it for many weeks to come.  Plus, we have a lot of wonderful family and friends who raise their own produce and give the extras away or it would rot where it grew.  We have been blessed enough to the beneficiaries of their generousness.  In the past couple of weeks we have canned tomatoes sauce and a various other salsas, frozen several pounds of green beans, pureed and frozen pumpkin, as well as a few pounds of bananas.  Yum!}

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The great thing about shots…


They give us an excuse for a morning bath!


One of my most cherished childhood memories was building tents out of blankets with my brothers and sisters. Our tents were pretty amazing.  And we would spend hours in them day after day until mom would say that the tent had to come down.  {Why in the world, I don’t know. I mean what’s the matter with the tent covering the entire living room?  we could have lived like that for forever….}

Yesterday Job and I made a tent for the first time. Nothing elaborate.  Just Job’s favorite blanket spread over the headboard and draping down onto the bed.  But he didn’t know the difference! 


He *was* smiling and giddy, but then the camera showed up!


What’s better than playing with the string from your sweat pants under a blanket?!


I think we have many more tent making days in our future…And here I thought it was just a thing of my yester-days!

Saturday, November 3, 2012