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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



My husbands job.   Far from easy, but he loves it.  He has dedicated himself to learning the trade well, constantly asking questions and paying attention to learn more.  When he has the chance he looks up videos and information on the internet to learn more. He works hard and is dependable.  On cold rainy mornings we still pulls himself out from under warm covers and walks to work. He comes home daily with a new story to tell and can go on and on about what he learned and did that day.  I love listening.  Through his stories I have learned welding/mechanic terms in Spanish…and I cannot even tell you what they are in English! It is great to have a husband who loves his work, but I am grateful he loves me, and ultimately his Savior more!

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  1. Kat:
    I felt the same way about Grandpa's job.