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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Or getting there at least! Where we are at in Mexico is a place known for being cold.  We are high in elevation and if you go out of town in one direction, you will go down into the mountains, and if you go out the other, you will go up into more mountains. I personally do not see it as being too cold, but when you live in homes made out concrete with tile flooring and no indoor heating, and walking, not driving, is the norm, there is really no escape from the cold.  Our rainy season got a jump start thanks to some tropical storms and with it comes the cold.  For now it warms up nicely during the day, but the nights are frigid.  I have been attempting to make our apartment homier and warmer.  

I started with the bedding.  Three blankets and one down comforter.  And jersey sheets.  IMG_0688

Extra blankets have found their way around.  From covering doors and chairs, to resting, ready for quick use, in oversized clay pots.  IMG_0682

Making sure there is plenty of lighting is a must.  When there is sunshine, I let it pour through the large windows.  When there is not, a candle is always burning.  IMG_0679

I am in search for a couple of rugs too. Obviously, I want them to be ones that will work in the other house too. Because I am not sure how everything will go there as of yet, I am holding off for now. Right now we have a spot by the front door for taking off shoes.   I want to have a place to hang coats, and a basket full of slippers and fuzzy socks to use instead of the flip flops we normally wear around the house.   These days you can normally find a pot of hot cinnamon tea on my stove, which is sure to cut through the nippiness…and of course fresh baked sugar cookies cannot hurt either.  And, as always, the more people there are around the table, the warm the house stays.  

So tell me, are you ready for colder weather, or are you looking forward to blistering August?   

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  1. Kat:
    We are melted already.
    December! where are you?