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Friday, July 22, 2011

lightning bolt.

It’s Friday.   That really means nothing special, just a day of the week.   But it is special because “this is the day the Lord has made, {so} I will rejoice and be glad in it!”  

Our internet (which is still at my suegra’s until we move into our new house) has been down the past couple of days thanks to a nice lightning bolt.  Other people on the street are without internet too, so we know it is not our problem. I know I should go to the internet office and talk to the people there, but I do not want to hear what again “Venga la otra semana porfavor.”   (“Please come back next week.”)  It seems to be the most popular phrase which really means, “We-have-no-idea-what-to-tell-you-or-we-know-you-are-not-going-to-like-what-we-have-to-say, so I am just going to tell you to come back next week.” Most of the time they have you come back next week at least five times in a row.   It’s cruel really.  But now that I understand the system, its all a lot less frustrating, and a lot more entertaining. A great way to meet people.  “Hola, my name is Kat, this is my account number.   I am experiencing X problem.   Great meeting you.  And of course, si, I will come back next week.”   Everyone in the towns record office, and just about everyone at the electricity office,  knows me by name.  Pretty soon everyone at the immigration office, and now the internet server, will too.  


That same lightning bolt always fried an uncle’s TV too.   His son…my six year-old-cousin Gael who sometimes shows up here on the blog, is lost. He has no idea what to do with out 24/7 TV access, especially now that it is summer.  So we have been spending a lot of time together.   The other day we ran errands together and then went home to fix lunch.  As he was topping a casserole with  cheese before it went into the oven he peered up at me and said, “Umm, Kat, does Rafa actually eat what you make?!”


The next day he and another friend of ours came over.  We made sugar cookies.  Gael had the idea to pass them out.  It was a wonderful idea, so we sat down, made a list of potential cookie receivers, and then they each picked two people.  


They made cards for each of their selected people with the title “5 cosas me gustan de ti…”  or “5 things I like about you…”  I was blessed to be one of the people chosen to receive cookies and a card.  They did all the selecting, I promise!  Here are the things my card said,

  • I like how you smile.
  • I like your hair.
  • I like your eyes.
  • I like your hair.  (I must have some pretty amazing hair!)
  • I like your shoes.
  • I like your glasses. 


We packaged it all up, and then made our deliveries.  We came across a couple very surprised people and we had a wonderful time passing out the cookies. 

Yesterday us women folk of the family where invited to an uncle’s workshop.  It happens to be where Rafa works, so I had no problem going along.  We bought gordititas and a coke and enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there.  I enjoyed watching my husband hard at work and giving thanks to the Lord again that he spends his day doing something he loves. 


Last night we invited a couple of people from the family to come watch a movie.  I made apple tea and they were going to bring sweet bread.  Normally when we have people over for a movie, we set up the air mattress in our bedroom, place the laptop on a chair, and hook up the speakers. {Rafa has dreams of an in home theater.  One day, they may come true, but for now he does a great job with what we have.} Then we all prop ourselves up with pillows and settle in for the movie.  Well somehow, the amount of people that came over last night were more than double the expected!   So we pulled the mattress out into the living room, placed them long ways along the wall, and filled them with pillows and blankets.   One giant sofa!  When the amount of people double, the amount of food normally triples!   We had a grand time, even though we lost a few people during the movie to sleepiness.  


We were so tired afterwards, that we just curled up under the blankets in the living room and slept there all night long. 

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  1. Cozy! :o) Glad you're "back"...missed your updates.Love from Texas.