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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It’s Monday.  Again, just another day of the week.  

We are still without internet, and as I suspected, the internet company has us running around in useless circles for the fun of it.  We were given a number to call to report the fried modem.  Call the number: no answer.   Call again:  a bunch od recordings.   Go back in person to the internet office  only to hear, “We cannot give you a new modem until you call to report the damaged one.  Keep calling.  Be patient.”  Well, if I have not mastered patience at I have been here in Mexico a year, then I will never learn it. 

The weekend was lovely.   I somehow caught a cold.  And not just the normal stuffy head junk, but the ache-y tiredness all over part.   But I am not one to complain! Thanks to my dear husband and wonderful in-laws, I was well taken care of.  Warm cinnamon tea with a hint of sugar and a splash of lime, several long backrubs, and the extra little things Rafa did around the house because he knows I just rest better when the house is tidy.  I am not sure what all I have ingested medicine wise since Friday evening, but it has done it’s job

We also have new neighbors.   A nice couple with two adorable daughters.  Ages 2 and 4.  But wait!   It gets better!   They speak English.  Not their first language, but they speak it well.  I have not come across anyone truly English speaking here, and what do you know?  They showed up at my doorstep!  I think we may have found some new friends. :)

I just got a text from Rafa saying he was on his way home for lunch.   And guess what?  I still get butterflies in my stomach.  Being married has not and perhaps, never will be easy, but it’s the BEST.   I enjoy being married and I love being Rafa’s wife. 

And he is here now, so off I go! 



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  1. I know you are excited to have some new English- speaking neighbors...do they live in the Dr.'s house? Does the older child speak English as well? How fun! Love~