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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And time goes…

I keep our pictures on the computer, organized by year and later on by month.  Every month that I create a new folder, I find it hard to believe that another month has come already.   I mean, wasn’t it *just* Easter?!

When the days rolled from June into July, we celebrated six months of being married.  A half a year has passed since that crazy wonderful day that was January 3rd, 2011.   One day soon I hope to write all out, but will hold off for now. These past six months have been more than I ever expected.  More wonderful, more challenging, more abundant, and more beautiful.  I have realized time and time again who we really are: sinners and children of grace.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Being Rafa’s wife has refined me in so many ways.   I have seen what unconditional love looks like with my human eyes, the beauty of a servant’s heart, how to leave and cleave, how dependent I really am even though I long for independence, what it is to make a home, a life, with someone else, and I am learning what it means to die daily.   I have also learned that Rafa is not everything I need and I am nothing close to being everything he needs.   I cannot complete him and he cannot complete me.   We are complete in Christ.  HE is the one who completes us.  Rafa is not “it”  for me and I am not not “it” for him.  We were never meant to be “it”  for each other.  Christ is to be our all in all.   And how grateful we can be for that!  

A few pictures from our evening celebrating our marriage! 






IMG_0633We are young, strong willed, somewhat foolish, ever growing, and madly in love.  We have only been married for 6 months, but in these six months we have experienced more love and joy than I believe most people experience in 60 years!  I am so very glad I said “SI!”


  1. Kat, you look beautiful on your anniversary!!
    You certainly have learned a lot about yourself and Rafa in the six months you've been married.
    And the Lord seems to have shown you how to mirror His love to one another.

  2. Happy Anniversary - and to many, many more. God bless.