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Thursday, May 19, 2011

{A portion of } Real Life

It is nearing the dinner hour on a Thursday afternoon.  Halfway through the workweek for us {meaning my husband}.  I am sitting on our bed looking out the window.  Almost.  The horizontal bars that cover the window are filled with socks, washcloths, and unmentionables.  Today was laundry day. One of many more to come this week.  {Note to self:  of all the chores to slack up on, when *you are* the washing machine, laundry should should *not* be the one. ‘Cause the pile keeps growing, leaving you less motivated and there is only so much clothes line, thus limiting how much you can wash in a 24 hour period.}  Thunder is rolling in slowly but surely.  Part of me wants to run out and pull my clothing off the line, but sometimes if it is not quite yet dry enough and we hang it up inside to finish drying, it gets a nice moldy smell.  So if I am unsure if it has passed that point or not, it is better to let it go through the rain and wait another day to be able to do another load.  Dishes are done, the house generally in order, the fish bowl cleaned, dinner waiting on the stove, and the room we refer to as our closet, has been reorganized, cleaned, and on its way to being ready for a series of overnight guests we are going to be having.  {Yay!}

Why is it that the water bill, internet, and rent all have to be paid on the same day that the construction workers want their pay, and my husband who is supposed to be paid is not because of a holdup with the paperwork,  all come up on the same day we run out of toilet paper, detergent,  and sugar? 

Aww.  Life. 

We are learning and growing.  And giving thanks.  A water bill means we have running water {not something everyone in our community has}.  An internet bill means that even though some things here still make me think we are living 50 years earlier than our time, I still have modern day communication with my family and friends and access to the world. The rent means we have a warm cozy apartment to live in and *together*… and after being apart for so long, that is not something to take for granted.  Having to pay the construction workers  means we are one week closer to being in our own house.  A husband who was delayed in being paid means he is a man with a job.  Lack of toilet paper, detergent, and sugar means  we have a bathroom, {clean} clothing, and sweet things in our home.  It also teaches me how to better prepare and stock up.  And at the end of the day,  we can look back and see once again the work of our God.  His abundant provision and blessings. We do not serve a God who does things half heartily!   He can only do great things.  Over the past several months I am recognized more and more how much I still have yet to learn.  I am still a little girl, seemingly thrown upon an adult world, and there is so much I do not know.  Sometimes we can only see part, if any, of the picture of what He is doing, but because we know Him bills, hard decisions, waiting, personal failures, and everyday life do not bet us up, but instead we rest.  We rest in Him.  

But I have trusted in Your mercy, me heart while rejoice in your salvation.  I will sing unto the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me.

Psalms 13:5-6

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