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Thursday, May 19, 2011



They are part of the basic kitchen in just about any Mexican home.  The are clay pots, and any woman here will tell you that the food that comes out of them just simply tastes better.  A richer flavor.  When I first come a few months ago, I was given two little ones.  Those casulas have seen a lot of loving since then. Except for the fact that they take longer than a standard pot to heat up, I would use them exclusively.  Last  week Rafa an I were walking hand in hand when he said, “I see something you are going to like.”  And what can I say, he knows me well so he was right!  Coming towards us was a man pushing a wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow was full of casuelas!  And big ones!  I selected the largest two and the man said 100 pesos would be enough.  {That’s under $10 people!}  My suegra who is as frugal as they come and loves dishes, said she would have paid 80 pesos each for them.  I was proud.  These gals have already served me well these past few days.  I am thankful to have them. IMG_0456

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