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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Seasons change.  And I love it. Especially when thee fruit and vegetable seasons change.  It is delightful to go into the local market or walk down the street and see new, bright, fresh colors popping everywhere.  We are blessed where we live.  It is a central location geographically speaking, so we often have produce from several different climates at the same time. Right now in our home we have squash, onion, garlic, lemons, avocado, potatoes,  and oranges.  I finished up the mango and bananas  yesterday. We of course always have black beans, rice, and other lentils and dried goods on hand as well. 

One thing that I have been waiting for is the blackberries.  They have been around here and there for several weeks, but a bit expensive at 40 or 50 pesos a kilo.  I was looking for more of the price that I bought strawberries at 10 pesos a a kilo when I first moved here.    The price of the black berries has slowly been going down and I ask often, but the price still has not been right. Until yesterday evening….

I stopped by the suegra’s place.  The first thing she did was run to the fridge and pull out  a heaping bowl of blackberries!  She had gone to the open-air market and found them for 20 pesos for an overflowing bucket. I ate a few of the beauties, but also noted that a couple of them were still a bit bitter.  We talked about the possibilities as I snacked away. Blackberry pie, frozen and eaten like ice-cream, jam, and blackberry and peach cobbler.  Yum!  Or so I thought…..

Later that evening I felt a rumbly in my tummy.  I knew that feeling.  To spare the details, I will just say that my evening was spent in the bathroom and all the blackberries I had eaten found their way to the Big Sea.  I saw blackberries again today, but for *some* reason I am not cravin’ them any more!

{Note:  In the 7+ months I lived in another part of Mexico, the several times I visited Rafa while we were dating, and the time since we got married, I have not had the above issue.  The food here, I have found, with some extra precautions taken, (like  disinfectant drops for berries, which my suegra did use on the blackberries)  is quite yummy, fresh, and safe. So no worries to want-to-be-visitors.  Come on down!}

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