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Friday, May 20, 2011

La casita {Part 2}

Yesterday we were given a list of the last few things that need to done to our house before we move there.  

  • Flooring put down
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Installation (think sinks, toilet, shower head and hot water heater.
  • Electricity Installation

Yes, you read that last one correctly  One of the last things to be done at our  house is to put in the electricity.  Our whole house up to this point has been put together without electricity or power tools.  Check out the picture below that Rafa took a few months ago when they were pouring the roof..


Oh. And we would normally think that the foundation should be first, but because it is a concrete house, the walls where built first, then the roof poured, and it was not until after the walls were mortared that the floor was laid; just a couple of weeks ago.  

Interesting, no? 

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