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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mexicans like a good party.

And they often find random reasons to throw one.  It seems like we are in the holiday season already….and its only spring!  

The first day of spring is celebrated in schools with a party, cake, and plays.  The past two weeks were vacation weeks and all the kids had off of school.  There, of course, where many festivities surrounding “Holy Week” for many weeks leading up to THE week.  This past Saturday, was “El Dia de Nino”  or “Kids’ Day”.  A celebration much like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, except in celebration of kids.  Piñatas, new toys, lots of candy, and of course, parties, where all in order for the big day. Next week is Mother’s Day, always celebrated on the 10th of May here, so it will fall on next Tuesday. 

Oh, and then there is today, “Construction Worker Day”.  Um, say what?!   Don’t ask me what it’s for, I have not done the research. The construction workers of course do not work.  I was told this morning that it is customary for people who are building (aka Rafa and myself)  to place a cross at the construction site  and provide a meal for the workers.  And of course, there is a party.   Today hoards of people (construction workers and non)  are going to a state park here.  My husband has very found memories of going as a kid with his whole family.  These days, nothing special happens with the family on “Construction Worker Day”, so our Tuesday is pretty normal, quite and peaceful. 

So Happy Tuesday! 

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