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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Bottle Rattle {or Rattle Bottle?}

A washed water empty water bottle filled with black beans, coffee beans, rice, garbanzo beans and I can’t remember what else at the moment. 


Job loves it! He could spend hours watching the bottle tip from one side to the other. Listening to it catches his attention but watching everything fall mesmerizes him. And the crunch of the bottle is a nice affect too. 

But I can’t help wondering if I am one of *those* moms. 

You know, the cool kind…the one that makes neat artsy toys for her kids.

Or the other kind.

You know, the cheap kind…he one that doesn't buy toys for her kids.  


  1. Hooray for cheap AND artsy mommies! ;o)
    And not like you need to be told, but...your little guy is too cute {per above photo}.

  2. You're both kinds and they are both good.