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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home and Garden

Over the past several months our casita has become more and more our home.  First of all because of the sounds, smells, and warmth from a dear little man and second of all because of said little man, Rafa and I have been spending more time at home, thus giving us the time and motivation to invest into making it “ours”.   I took a few snaps this morning to show our projects and progress.


DSCN1849 DSCN1850


I love having a house small enough that it can go from disorderly and dirty to organized and clean with dinner going during my babe’s morning nap.  We live in about 650 sp. feet that consists of the living/dinning room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Relatives here have commented that it is a lot of house for such a small family.  

















For pets and practicality we have a cat, a Doberman, 4 hens {who have just begun to lay!} one crowing rooster, and the gold fish still lives. Our garden contains sunflowers, green beans, lima beans, jalapeños, lentils, corn and some random flowers.  We are hoping to get radishes, potatoes, herbs, and green and red tomatoes planted soon.  We really could have plant twice a year because the growing season is so long, but we are only going to get one in this year. We planted late {from seed} and then the chickens escaped and ate all the plants, so we got started again really late.  But everything has been growing quick and strong and we are looking forward to a bountiful harvest. 

Obviously, there is a lot more to share, but there you have a quick peek for now.

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  1. Can't wait to see you! Your house looks adorable. Job is so adorable. I know you are a wonderful mom! Love you always, Aunt Debbi