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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Days of Late

Lately my little corner here of the cyber world has been a ghost town..

If you are one of the few who still comes by to see what is happening {if anything}, thank you.  If you are one who took the time to contact me because my absence here caused worry, thank you even more. 

We have been filled with baby bliss of late.  Our little boy {soon-to-be-man} Job, turned 3 months old this past Sunday.   I have always been told to enjoy having a baby because it goes so fast, but for some reason I thought that if I was enjoying it, everything would not go by as fast.  We have thoroughly been enjoying every moment, be it at 4 a.m. or a fussy bout on a bus full of people, and I have no idea where the past three months have gone.  

Job is full of life {or very “awake” as people here say}. He has been a cooing drool pool of late and a pure delight.  He loves new people and turns on the charm almost instantly. He doesn’t know anyone that isn’t a friend. 

He’s a great eater and an even better sleeper.  He weighed 12.5 lbs. at  his two month appointment and usually pulls 8-10 hour nights.  He has made our house a home and a wonderful place to be. 

Being his mom is pure delight and I still find watching him as he sleeps and wondering what I ever did to be so so blessed.  The answer?  Nothing.  I have done absolutely nothing to deserve the title of “mom” to Job.  But here we are.  Job leaves no doubt in my mind that the God of the universe loves me. 

While things have been have been quite here on my blog our hearts have been full and overflowing.  Overflowing so much, that I do believe I will begin to share peeks into our life again. 

So stay tuned….



  1. i can't wait to meet your son! =)


  2. He couldn't be any cuter!! Be sure he knows how much his great grandma and grandpa love him.