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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I eat…

Being pregnant has been interesting as far as the eating thing goes. 

Living in Mexico, I naturally have a pretty healthy lifestyle:  an abundance of fresh produce, lack of processing in the food, home cooked meals, and walking everywhere.  Before pregnancy, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted {in moderation} and maintained a weight and figure I was happy with. 

But then came pregnancy.  And with it a lack of appetite, throwing up, and a general disgust for anything food related. I lost weight.  At least 15 pounds in the first trimester.  I did not really worry about my diet, I just ate anything that would stay down. 

Around week 16, I started having the desire to eat again, but not nearly as much as I was eating before I was pregnant. I continued eating whatever seemed appeasing.  I am now almost 24 weeks, and I still throw up about once a day {a lot less than the first few months and some days are better than others} and sometimes have a good appetite. 

I eat small portions several times a day.  Snacking really.  And when you are snacking, pregnant {and not packing on the pounds}  it is really easy not to eat healthy food.  French fries?  Why not?  A slice of leftover Christmas cheesecake?  Sure! 

Having healthy “snacks”  {which I crave and enjoy more} takes more time cause it means pre-planning and preparation.  I decided that being purposeful and putting a bit more work into  it will be better off for both me and Baby-D {duh!}  So here are some small things that I have been doing:

~When I get up, I fill a jar with water, leave it on the counter, and purpose to have it finished by lunch time.  Having a visual reminder helps me so much!  In the late afternoons/early evenings a make a pot of herbal tea and finish it off before bed. 

~ I made some yogurt this past week and have been enjoying it for one of my breakfasts {I usually eat at least twice before our main meal at lunch time} either with some cut up fruit, or all thrown in the blender for a smoothie.

~ I keep other healthy options around for when I am hungry, but it is not a planned meal time.  I have the ingredients for hummus {with plenty of veggies}  sitting on the counter waiting to be mixed up right now. I leave fruit on the counter {visual reminder!} so that it becomes the quickest option.   And toast with a bit jam seems to always hit the spot. 

~Other than that, I eat a bit of what I fix for lunch, or whatever I want.   Any type of potatoes I can pack away and I like to make some type of bread or baked good about once a week and have that in the evenings.  {I wanna make soft pretzel bites tonight.} I hope to be purposeful, but enjoy what I eat too.  All in moderation.  

Now off to find something to eat…

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