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Monday, January 23, 2012

Last Week

Last week was an exciting, milestone setting week baby-wise in our home.

~Monday:  I went to the open-air market for the sole purpose of hunting down baby clothing.  Used clothing from the States is piled in categories on tables and you dig looking for treasure.  And treasure we found.  Adorable, mostly name brand, good condition, clothing for the first several months of our little guy’s life in the outside world.   My suegra graciously offered to {hand}wash all the clothing.   I went to her house a couple of days later to find every item we had bought {and then some} clean, smelling lovely, and ironed.  Yes ironed.  To say she is an excited grandma would be an understatement!

~Throughout the week: Rafa has been spending his lunch break to work projects around the casita to make it more functional, baby-friendly and cozy….so glad I am married to a man who is practical minded and good with tools!   I too have been sorting through stuff, organizing and cleaning using the motto, “When in doubt, do without.” Simple and homey is what we are going for!  But it does seem that with each project we accomplish we add three more to the list…

~Friday:  We went for a routine check-up. The baby is now completely formed and all the parts look the way they should and are where they should be!   He just needs a few more weeks to grow.  The doctor says there is no reason to believe that we will not have a smooth, uncomplicated delivery with a healthy baby boy at the end.  Music to our ears!  According to current calculations he should be in our arms sometime around May 3rd!

~Saturday:  I went to the fruit and vegetable stand to pick up a couple things.  The lady who works there, looked at me for a long minute and asked “Are you pregnant?!”  {Gotta love Mexican bluntness.  Where I am from, when in doubt about a woman being pregnant or not, it is best NOT to ask.}  Guess that means that I am actually showing a bit now?! {At 25+ weeks it was about time!}  I was thrilled she asked and even more thrilled to say yes!  

~ One night last week, I looked at Rafa and said, “We are going to have a baby!   An actual real person!”  Yes, the reality is setting in more and more each day and we love it!  Looking forward to the weeks to come and the milestones they will hold!  

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