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Monday, October 7, 2013

A wet cozy Monday.

I can’t help but love days like today.  

We are in the midst of another tropical storm and for us it means rain, rain, rain.  It began to pound the roof sometime in the wee hours of the morning and hasn’t stopped completely since.  And it probably won’t till Wednesday or so. 

My husband peddled away to work before seven this morning.  He came back a couple hours later soaked from head to toe, but home!   If the weather clears up, which it shouldn’t he may get a call to go back in, but if not, he’s all ours for the third day in a row.  A VERY rare treat. 

Right now he’s down for the count, taking advantage of some much earned rest. I put a sleepy toddler down for a nap too, but it seems like his head hitting the pillow gave him a second wind.  I still hear him chatting away to himself in his bed.  He claps and cheerfully says, “All done!” He refers to his nap, but how can you finish something you have yet to start?  Once I hear his breathing turn deep, I’ll curl up for a nap myself.  There is nothing so refreshing as a good rainy day nap. 

Once the household wakes from it’s nap, we’ll eat a late dinner.  Soup is on the menu of course.  We may accomplish some other tasks this afternoon, but I’m thinking a good movie or two are in order.  We shall see. 

A little while ago when we were having a late breakfast, I caught myself with a goofy smile on my face.  Nothing particularly funny was happening, but I was just happy.  ‘Cause days like today are good, and I’m so blessed they are mine! 

The little one is off in dreamland now, and I need to get there too.  

Thanks for sticking through my rambling! 

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