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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Job these Days

I have been wanting to write this post for the past several months.  Each time I start thinking about what I want to share, exactly, Job does a 180 on me.  The cute things he did yesterday are not the same cute things he's doing today.   Such is life, I know, but still!  Why *so* fast?

~ He gives kisses.  Or rather pecks. From open-mouth plants, to passing slobber, he's been kissing for awhile now, but always when he wanted to do so.  Ask him for a kiss?  And he would just laugh. Ask him now?  He eagerly gives several and will even go around the room giving a kiss to each person.   Melts.my.heart.

~ He loves anything with a wheel.  One day out of nowhere while playing with his car he started making "vrooomm"  sounds.  We never taught him that one, and have no idea where it came from.

~ He still loves music. He claps and "sings" in tune.   It obvious he has "the ear" and we are praying about how to best lead him in this area.  Its a gift we don't want to ruin, but aren't sure how to help him use it to it's fullest.

~ Having Job around now affects the amount of food I make and the food bill.  What used to be enough food for our small family, no longer is.  A little more than half a bag of pasta for one meal?  Used to be plenty.  Now I make a whole bag.

~ He doesn't eat too much meat, though.  If its mixed in with something, like rice or pasta or beans, he will.  I think its a texture thing.  Eggs though?  He used to be funny about those too {texture again}  but will now eat two or three every morning.

~ He is on his way to being bilingual.  Somethings he says in just Spanish, some in just English, and others he goes back and forth depending on who he's talking to.  At this point he chooses to speak more Spanish than English.  I will ask him, "Do you want some water?"  He'll smile big, nod yes, and say "Agua!!"  He knows how to say "water", but chooses not to do so.  He'll say "thank ooou"  to me and "-acias"  to the rest of the world.   Same thing with "more" and "mas."  There are some things like "all done"  that he only says in English and still more words that are understood in both worlds.  He "talks" all the time, but his parents aren't always smart enough to understand exactly what he's saying.   His American grandparents will be visiting in November and December, and I'm interested to see how his vocabulary grows during that time and what language he tries to speak with them.

~He loves books and the time we spend reading aloud.  "Mr. Brown can Moo, can you?"  is the current favorite.  Of all the noises he likes it when we get to the "Boom Boom Boom"  and the "Whisper Whisper"  He'll look up at me while playing and say "Rea-?"  So we'll go to the rocking chair and read our hearts out.

~We take some time to rock every night before bed.  If he's super sleepy, he'll want to lie down long ways in my arms like a little baby.   I'll look at him in the almost dark and say, "Job, you know I love you, right?"  The corners of his mouth turn into a sweet smile, he sighs, and closes his eyes, but reaches up a pudgy hand to pat my check softly.  After a couple minutes of silence, well do it again.  Sweet, sweet, unforgettable moments.

~He loves animals.

~Black beans are still one of his favorite foods.  Its right on up there with bananas.

~ He is learning to feed himself with a spoon or a tortilla.  Same difference here.

~He sleeps in a normal double bed and has since he was 13 months.  There has only been two cases where he has tumbled below to the pillows on the floor around the bed.  Both times he was awake, not asleep.  He seems to have learned what happens if you get too close to the edge and keeps a safe distance.  

~Everyone talks about how beautiful he is and then comments about how much he looks like his dad.  What can I say, I've been given two handsome men!

~ His hair is a medium brown with blond and red highlights.  It seems to be getting lighter with time.   I see his skin as olive colored, but everyone here points out how fair he is.  Truth is, he's a shade somewhere between Rafa and me.   He makes Rafa look darker and me look whiter.

~He has become clingy recently.  We used to be able to leave him with whoever without any problems and come back to a little boy delighted to see us.  Now leaving is harder, cause he knows what is happening.  Funny thing is, when his Papa's there, its his Papa that he doesn't let go of.

~Speaking of his Papa, no matter how much I try, or what I do, I will never be as cool as his Papa.  And I'm perfectly okay with that.

~He loves pancakes. {Actually we both do, so it works out nicely.}  Can you tell by now that food is a big part of his day?

~He loves, loves, loves, Tita, Rafa's great-aunt who lives next door to my in-laws.

~He has a fake laugh.  A "I-should-be-laughing" laugh that he can turn off and on at will.  His real laugh is a deep contagious belly laugh that he can't seem to stop once it gets going.

~Time with extended family has taught him to clap and say "yay"  at everything he does from poop to placing a block on the top of the tower.

~If I give him something to eat that's too hot, he will blow on it.  Once I give him another spoonful at the right temp, he claps as if to say, "Good job Mom!  It's just right!"

~He's a classic only child.   He will take a ball, roll it to the other side of the room, and then chase after it.  Repeat.  And repeat. Giggling the whole time.   I've told him we are working on getting him someone to play with soon, he's still clueless about the whole little sister thing.

~He's still transitioning nap time.  Some days he'll take one long nap, other days two shorter ones.  

~He wishes he could dress himself.  And each time he is changed, there has to be several rounds of "This Little Piggy..."

There is and always will be, more to share about our delightful little boy, but I'm going to sign off now.  What a blessing and what a joy our boy is!

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  1. This is so fun! I think our boys could be friends. :)