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Monday, July 15, 2013

Tomato Sauce

  I think we have finally come across "our" tomato sauce.  Every family who cans a bit, eventually discovers the perfect combination of seasonings and add-ins to fit their family.  Whenever we first married, I followed the recipe for my Dad's marinara sauce as best I could, making some changes along the way.  One of those changes was to add in a good dosh of chipotle chilies.  It tasted great, and even extended family would rave and request my spaghetti, drowned in that sauce.
  Then came Job.  Little ones always have a way of changing life in the most beautiful of ways.  One being that our "go to" pasta sauce could not contain a great amount of chilies.  A couple months ago, I came upon, this recipe and tried it out. And we liked it.  It is full of flavor and unseen veggies.   I'm a fan of teaching kids to eat real whole fruits and vegetables, but its always nice to get some hidden ones in there too  The veggies also add in more flavor, making up for the lack of spiciness. This sauce is also chunky.  A nice feature.  One other nice quality, is that it doesn't require pealing the tomatoes.  Or taking out the seeds.  More vitamins, less time, and more bang for our peso.  Wins all the way around in my book!  
  Job will eat this sauce straight off of the spoon, but loves some pasta smothered in this sauce even more.   Rafa always asks for seconds.  And I love that, for our small family, we can get at least two side dishes or a main dish {think lasagna} eaten twice, out of each pint.  That means the six jars I canned today {a seemingly insignificant amount} will be good for at least a dozen different meals.  And my favorite feature?  This sauce, because of the veggies, has an orange tint to it.  So pretty.  What's not to love about that?

So, what's your favorite way to use tomato sauce?!


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