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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Second Breakfast or Elevensies?

My growing boy always has a bowl of oatmeal about seven.  I hear him begin to stir, slip my groggy self out of bed,  fill a pot with water and some oatmeal, turn it down low, and go get some morning cuddle time with my sweet boy before the day actually begins.  Within a few minutes, the oatmeal is cooked, covered with milk to cool it down, and the boy is eating viciously.

Our main meal of the day is served between three and four in the afternoon, whenever Rafa comes home on his lunch break.   Just a snack between breakfast at seven and dinner at three doesn't cut it for the growing toddler or his pregnant mother.

Enter Second Breakfast.  Or Elevensies.  Whatever hobbit term you decide upon works.  Its the second meal of the day and normally takes place about 11 o'clock.

Its a favorite time around here.  Cause its slow.  Our morning tidings and animal care are finished, dinner begun, and our morning nap has recently ended too.  Sometimes the affair is a simple green smoothie or other times we get fancy and make pumpkin pancakes.

We sit down together, taking the time for a couple rounds of peek-a-boo and converse about just about anything....well as much as you can with a one-year-old, which is really quite a bit if you try.  I finish first, take my vitamins, and pull out my Bible.  Job continues to chew contently while listening to my voice.

The time usually ends with a massive dirty diaper, a chicken loose in the house, and some unexpected visitor pounding on the front gate all at the same moment.  And so the day carries on.  But this meal, this time, has nourished both body and spirit.

We'll do it again tomorrow.

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