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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just Mop

Occasionally I get accused of being a perfectionist.  I'm not, though I do seem to lean towards it.  

But that's a problem, cause it means I have dirty floors.  

Being the good mother she is, my mother taught me that you should clean from the top down, vacuuming or mopping last.  She is right.  That particular piece of her wisdom has stuck with me through the years.   

On top of that, I have a small, tile-filled home.  No vacuuming here.  It makes sense to mop the whole house at the same time, right?   Why mop just the tiny kitchen?  It leads right into the living room, and then there is just the bedroom and the bathroom.  Just mop the whole house in one swift swoop.  Simple. Easy.
But not so easy if you couple those two thoughts together.  Mop last and mop the whole house.  That means,  thanks to my perfectest tendencies, I feel like I need to have my whole house clean before I mop.  

Dishes washed.
Counters wiped down.
Clutter put in its place
Ceiling to floor bookshelves dusted.
Dinning room chairs wiped down and moved.
Trash taken out of all the little trash cans.
Laundry  sitting on the couch folded and put away.
Beds made.
Etc, etc.  
Which if you have a whole Saturday morning to clean your modest size home, it wouldn't be a problem.  Cleaning everything and moping last would make sense and be a viable solution.  But not my life at the moment.  So my floors tend to stay dirty.  Cause I *have* to get everything else done on the list first. And, you know, the world may come to an end if I don't dust the top bookshelf before I mop my kitchen, right?!

So for the past week, I have been wanting needing {as in crusted food in the kitchen and my son finding who-knows-what to put in his mouth} to mop, but had never managed to get around to it.   

Enter the rooster.  Literally. He manged to get into the house today... and proceeded to leave his droppings in the living room.  *Hemmm*  

Suddenly, the list and a clean house didn't matter.  I was throwing out dirty mop water 20 minutes later.  

And everything was okay.  Better than before, even.  

Lesson learned?  Its okay to just mop.  

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