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Friday, December 7, 2012


I lay by sweet babe down for his morning nap.  Poor kid is tired out and more than ready for some shut eye. I look at the clock. It reads 9 am. 

9 am!? 


It feels like the middle of the day!  How can it only be nine in the morning? 

Then I remember. After a full night’s sleep my little man was up and ready to conquer the world before 7 this morning.  He’s an early to bed {8:30ish}, early to rise {6:00-7:00ish} type kid.  And while that takes some time to adjust to, I’m sooo grateful for it.  ‘Cause if baby’s awake. more than likely mama is too. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more sunrises in the past seven months than in my entire 23+ years before them.  All thanks to my sweet bundle of joy.  And on top of that, a lot can be accomplished in the first two hours of the day.  Baby feed and changed.  Family time.  Husband sent off to work with lots of kisses and hugs.  Beds made.  Myself dressed for the day.  Dishes put away. Dog, cat, and chickens feed and watered.  Patio cleaned. Floors swept.  Chickens chased out of the garden and back into their pen.  Trash taken to the street corner.

It’s good to be up early. And thanks to my little boy, I’m learning to be early to bed, early to rise type kid too. 

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