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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bugs and Critters.

Growing up in the South, I saw my fair share of bugs and such and I was not your typical girly-girly who would run away screaming at the sight of them.  My sisters took on that role for me.  Not that I particularly care for such things, but it was not big deal to kill them and get it over with.  Spiders?  No problem.  Cockroaches, just grab a flip-flop and they’re done with in .5 seconds.  I even have battled it out with a mouse or two. 

But that was there.  This is here.  Mexico is different.  Here I don’t know what these critters are.  Are they harmless?  Or deadly?  Do they bite?  If you touch them will the prick you?  Do they jump?  I really have no idea.  And it scares.me.to.death. whenever I find something crawling here or there.  That and the fact that I have a curious, active 7-month-old boy to look out for.  What could be more frightening?!   Our house is also surrounded by fields.  There are houses near by, but we do not have any next-door neighbors.  Nor neighbors in front.  Nor behind us.  So it makes for lots of interesting-unknown-to-me critters looking for water and warmth.  EEEeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!

When I am home alone with Job, I follow my old strategy--Kill.it.as.quickly.as.po ssible!  But I feel the fear creeping up my spine as I deliver the death blow. 

That’s when I’m home alone and have a baby to protect.  When Rafa is home, home, however, the scene changes.  {I completely gave up my “I’m independent and can do it myself” card when I married him!} When a bug enters the scene and Rafa is near by I  jump. And scream.  Loudly.  “RAAAFFfaa!  VENTE.  Que es eso?!! Matalo porfavor! Pero rapido!”  And he usually does. ‘Cause he’s nice like that.  Either that or he tells me not to worry because the critter is innocent and harmless and then he describes to me what it is, what purpose it serves, and what its probably looking for in the house. It’s *a little* comforting.  I’m getting better.  Slowly but surely

On that same note, I’m so grateful for chickens who love to eat bugs and a cat who hunts.  Between all them, unwanted creatures rarely pass through the door! The picture below is our cat a couple of days ago. I’m not sure what he has in his mouth, but I’m glad it’s no longer alive! 


Oh the excitement of living south of the border!

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  1. I swing a mean flip-flop too! Have you seen any snakes yet?