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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mini Chickens


Last night a little after 11, Rafa and I cuddled on the couch watching the last few scenes of a movie. 

“Tweeeeeeet. Tweeeeeeet.” Comes a faint sound from the patio.  Both of us look at each other cause we were not sure if we had heard correctly.  We both smile big, slip on shoes, grab the camera, and run out the back door. 

Upon arriving at the nest, there is no doubt. Chicks have hatched. 



We only hear a couple chirping and die for a peek, but the momma hen is feeling a little too overprotective {a feeling I can totally relate to!} and does not let us take a look. We figure there are still a few left to hatch, so we think it best to leave well enough alone and leave the hen to her mothering.  We place a bit of food and water in small containers close to the nest and head inside to call it a night. 





Once inside Rafa puts on his million dollar smile smile and says, “Tenemos mini-chickens!” 

Se llaman chicks,” I respond, taking the opportunity to throw in some English vocab. 

“No,” he continues grinning, “Mini-chickens!” 

So folks, we have mini-chickens! 



Come morning, we head back out to see what we can see.  This time we are not disappointed! There is more movement in the nest and a bit more chirping.  We spot at least four chicks and see a couple of unbroken eggs. The little guys peep out here and there, but still stay nice and warm under their mamma.  She is a bit friendlier this morning, just so long as we don’t get too close.  She has done an amazing job on her own thus far, so we are letting her be.

Being this up close and personal to nature and creation thrills the heart and cannot help but make us stop and praise the Creator.  We have watched this process all along from the beginning with the rooster and the hen, feeding and cleaning them, the eggs, the hen going broody, setting up the nest, and then waiting while the mother did her job.  The feeling of awe and praise is similar to beginning on top of a mountain in the pitch black dark, miles from civilization, and looking up at the stars that just keep going and going.  You wonder at how great the Being who thought them into existence must *really* be and your heart can only sing, “How GREAT Thou art!” 

Is chicken raising just a hobby?  I think not.  It is a simple day-to-day activity that humbles me as I stand in awe of my Creator-Savior.  It causes me to worship Him just for who He is.   And isn’t it just like God to use something as simple as chickens to bring me to Himself?


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  1. What cute little mini chickens and what a lesson about the Creator you learned from them. Hope they are growing well.