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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This week we said goodbye to a precious toy…


Job’s first rattle.  His tio Ivan bought it for him just a couple of weeks before he was born. And it had been with us ever since.  It was made from a gourd with a few seeds inside and painted with bright colors.  Mexican to the core.   From the first few weeks of his young life, we would shake it to catch his attention.  And over the weeks and months he learned to hold onto himself, use it was a tether, and eventually shacking it like made himself and throwing it down to hear the load bang….

…and that brings us to earlier this week.  The little man is so strong.  He threw his beloved rattle down and gave it the fatal blow.  It broke in two.  There was a moment of sadness.  But the best thing about being 5.5 months old and your favorite toy disappearing? Your long term memory hasn’t developed enough to remember it!  So the boy delightfully continues playing with whatever he can get his pudgy little hands on. 

For this momma it was a bitter sweet moment.  Because my babe is growing and learning and giggling his heart out, but to me these past 5+ months all seem like yesterday. 

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