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Thursday, August 18, 2011

You know you are loved when…

…you have a place in your kitchen reserved for dishes you need to return to other people. 


Just from this week alone I have several: 

  • My neighbor brought me candy fruit that she made.  She makes food to earn a little extra cash, but when it is something she things I have never had before, she brings over a little sampling.  I don’t complain.
  • Rafa came home for lunch yesterday with breaded fried chicken breast from his great aunt.  She knows I love it {the closest thing to Chick-fil-A there is in Mexico…which is a good thing!}, saw Rafa, and packaged some up for me.   Cut up into strips, it was a great addition to our breakfast tacos. 
  • I have cloth napkins that I need to return to my suegra and her sister. A couple are from when they have given me tortillas and others are for when I forget to take one when I buy tortillas. 
  • Last Saturday a dear friend from church invited me over for lunch.   Rafa was still at work, so she sent a container full of ribs bathed in chipotle salsa back home with me. 
  • Rafa’s mom also sent over some black beans this week.  A nice addition to any meal in Mexico. 

Is your mouth watering yet?!  And a week like this is not unusual.   It is a “vicious”  cycle really.  When I take the containers back, I normally fill them with a little something too.  Some type of sweet treat or leftovers. (Sharing leftovers in the States may be a little odd, but here it is perfectly acceptable.)  For example, my suegra loves chicken soup and I have a pot of it on the stove right now.  There are only so many times in week that you have the appetite for chicken soup.  I always seem to make enough to feed a small army instead of two people.  Therefore I will fill up  the container that she sent over with the beans with soup when I take it back.  A win win for all involved. There is no sense of obligation on either side, though I think I get the better end of the deal.

Food does wonders at winning over hearts…and not just for men.  So, share a meal.  Send a little something to a friend, even if it is just a portion of a meal.  Invite the neighbors to sit at your table.  Share leftovers :) Jump into someone else’s kitchen.   Learn from them.  Begin the cycle of giving and receiving, of a community that cares enough to share what they have, be it small and simple.  Show people you love them.  You will be blessed and a blessing. 


  1. I wish your blog had a "like" button because I would have "liked" this post!

  2. oooh girl can you get the recipe for the ribs with chipotle salsa? xoxo

  3. Mimi- Just dried chipotle chiles browned in a frying pan (without butter or anything) Then brown a few tomatoes too. Put it all in a blender with salt and garlic. Blend away and the salsa is done.
    Here when you buy ribs, they cut them in thirds, so they are more like blocks than sticks. Boil them in water with a little salt until cooked through. Drain, and pour salsa on top. Simmer until the salsa is the thickness you desire.

    Pretty vague recipe, I know, but I have not figured out exact measurements yet, and I learn by watching and asking. Better yet, come for a visit and we can make it together!

  4. sounds fabulous. i'm a vague recipe kinda girl too. would love to visit. lovins 2 you! thanks for the recipe xoxo