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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juevo con tortilla.

Eggs with tortilla. 

A very simply, but perhaps my all time favorite back-up Mexican meals.  Maybe its one of my favorites because it is so simple?!


Tear up a corn tortilla and fry the pieces on a bit of oil or butter.  Sometimes I chop up an onion and throw it in at this point too. Once they are crisp, add eggs.  I normally do a 1-to-2 ratio with the tortillas and eggs.  One tortilla, two eggs.  Sprinkle with  salt and pepper or any other spice you usually use with eggs.  Cook it all like you would scrambled eggs. You can melt some cheese on top if you like.  Serve with whatever salsa you have around. 


Eggs and tortillas are always something we have in the house so we have juevos con tortilla at least once a week, and I have yet to be tired of it!


  1. Made these this morning, but only had flour tortillas. Suprising how filling it was. Mostly importantly, it did taste great and is officially wife-approved. Thanks!

  2. Welcome :) Glad y'all liked it!!