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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today’s Lunch

IMG_0868A salad made with cut up chipotle chicken enchiladas (no dairy included), iceberg lettuce, mashed black beans, and topped with a salad dressing made out of leftover non-spicy salsa, a tad of mayo, and a bit of chicken broth.  It could be called a “Mexican Salad”  but Rafa says no Mexican would have come up with such a thing. Therefore it is an American salad with Mexican spices :)   I enjoyed it, except that the tortillas from the enchiladas were cold.  It was not bad, but not desirable.  The blend of spices however, was wonderful. Next time I will probably make extra enchilada filling and just use the marinated chicken instead of the whole enchilada in order to eliminate the tortilla, and then add tortilla chips as an alternative. Corn, tomatoes, olives, fresh spinach, and cheese would all make great additions too.

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