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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lunch Break

One of my favorite parts of the day.  In fact it high up in the running for being *the* favorite.  If the truth be known, I should call it “Dinner Break”  because it is the  largest meal of the day, and normally takes places around 3 p.m. (That’s a very subjective normally, mind you!)

Apart from the first hour or two after Rafa leaves for work, (normally around 9:30 a.m. or later if he got home late the night before)  the rest of the morning up to the afternoon is pretty much dedicated to preparing for the afternoon meal.  The house is picked up, blinds are opened to fill the house with sunlight, the day’s chores are completed, errands are run, the wife primped and the meal prepared. 

I am so fond of our dinner time because it means an hour and half, sometimes a little more, of uninterrupted  time together.  I will put the finishing touches on the table, while Rafa heats up the tortillas.  The events of the day are discussed, decisions made, and hearts shared.  Our foreheads lean in to touch other, our hands clasp, and we give thanks to our Savoir together for all He has done and is doing.  After the meal we will rest, play a game, talk some more,read or finish the movie we were too tired to watch all of the night before.  Then all to soon the phone rings.  Rafa’s ride will be here in ten minutes.  We gather his things, say our “Te amo”s and kiss goodbye.  He is off to work again and lunchtime is over. 

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