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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catching up.

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to write out my thoughts here.   Life has been busy, and by that I do not mean rushed, but different over the past few weeks.  The main highlight was having some of my family here in two rounds.  After spending a week in the mountains, Ashlyn came here for a couple of days.   The following week my mom and Sarah came to stay for a week.  The week was easy going.  Filled with go-fish, basketball, movies, and chocolate chip cookie dough.  We enjoyed showing them around our hometown and introducing them to our friends and family here.  And of course we spent some time at one of our favorite taco stands.   It was a sweet time.   My younger sister Sarah is no longer my “little”  sister.  She is still a few sizes smaller than me, but just as tall.   And she is no longer this little girl I carried around on my hip, but a  brilliant, athletic,lovely woman.   She turns 17 on Saturday.   Are you considered old when you vividly remember something like it was yesterday but it really happened over a decade and a half ago? 

These are the days of peace and quite for us.  Of just being and growing.  Can I ask you something?  Will you please pray for us?  Nothing specific and no “unspoken”.  Just that we will grow in love with Him, each other, and the people we encounter in our daily lives.  That we will have wisdom and discernment with the words we choose to speak and the decisions that we make.  That our lives will count for eternity.

Blessings and love. 

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