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Tuesday, April 26, 2011





Well, in my  last post I was wrong. Rafa did not end up working the whole week.  Because of lack of work, they got a day and a  half off.  So like thousands of other Mexicans, we, along with 14 of our closest family members,  packed up Friday afternoon and headed to Veracruz for the weekend.  Though there were some obstacles to overcome, we had a great weekend. I have been camping on the beach several times with different friends.  One time I went in North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend.  Another time I went was at the end of that same summer, to a National State Park in Florida.  In NC, things were crazy and there were hundreds of people in sight.  In Florida, to see one or two people a day was rare.  Completely different circumstances and atmosphere.  Let’s just say this weekend reminded me of North Carolina, not the peaceful park in Florida.  We enjoyed being together and being with family.  We came back crispy and tired.  While camping is fun for a couple of days, there is something wonderful about coming home.  I was happy to realize that the longing I had for home, was for an apartment in a city of 30, 000 in a valley in the middle of Mexico.  The apartment I share with my husband.  It’s good to be home. 

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