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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Green.


This week is “Holy Week”.  For those who are a part of the prominent religion in this area, it is considered a sin to work from Thursday through the rest of the weekend.  In this country, the norm is a six-day work week, so people here are only working half a week.  The men who are working on our house, informed us that they would only be working half a week, because they would be partying it up for the long weekend.  So, it’s a sin to work, but to pass the weekend drunk and partying is a-ok?!   A bit ironic, don’t you think? 

Food prices have been on the rise all week because of the occasion.  When I got here just a few weeks ago, tomatoes where 7 pesos a kilo and yesterday they were 20.  Almost triple the price!  Out of principle, I have not bought any.  But seeing how I am in Mexico, married to a Mexican, salsa is pretty much a must in our house.  Normally I make once or twice a week and it will last through the week.  So, this week I have made salsa verde in the place of your normal red salsa. 

This time, this week,  is giving us a wonderful opportunity to talk about the true Life.  Just by our non-conformation to the practices and customs here, it is obvious that we are not part of the local religion.  For example, I made ribs yesterday, and this half of the week my husband is working.  People are in the mood to talk religion, and we are ready to talk truth.  God is working, and we are enjoying the salsa verde.  

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  1. As believers who are "in this world not of it," we are called to often go against the flow. And that this can be a difficult and challenging thing but also a very beautiful and winsome thing that gives you the opportunity to speak truth and love into people's lives. I will pray that you and your husband keep finding strength in the Lord and that your witness and the Holy Spirit's prompting will continue to draw people to our great God.