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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Summer Days


10565808_811936412171571_68568970_n A visit or two to camp and baby boys running their hearts out.  Hot, stinky, and happy. 



Lunch straight from the garden and dipped in hummus.  You can never have too many cucumbers.  Or too much hummus for that matter.


Reading our library books on the hammock. Curious George for him, and John Gresham for me.   10559180_811935788838300_1525098273_n10545069_811935865504959_1994132454_n

Our garden.  It has its weeds, but it also has its fruits. 


My early bird, who thinks nap time is only for when you are in the car.  Thus the reason he’s the only one in these pictures. His little sister still likes her naps, so she misses out on the summering. 

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