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Monday, July 21, 2014

A dreary delightful morn…



Dishes pile up quicker than I can keep up these days.  I pull a stool up for Job and he swishes water around in a bowl with a spatula while I scrub the rest and wipe down the sink.  A clean sink at least once a day is my goal these days.  10567469_813014515397094_600368644_n Along with the dishes, I check the fridge for scraps and things that are about to go bad. I light a candle.  




We grab a basket, scissors, and the kitchen scraps and head out the door.  Upon seeing us the chickens come running and quickly devour their treats. the coop door stays open all the time during these summer days, so I take a head count to make sure all are present and accounted for.  All 13 are pecking away. 

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We then head to the berry patch to strip the blueberry bushes of their rip fruit.  There were some causalities in the beginning, but Job has learned to pick and eat only the ripest berries.  If they keep coming in for awhile, berry picking will become exclusively his chore.  



The cucumbers are endless these days too, but its only a few per day, so we enjoy them as they come in fresh.  We have pickled only the ones from the farmer’s market.  We head up the driveway to pick a single rose for the table.  We see some greenery passing its limits, so we cut some of that too. 

Once inside, we arrange the vegetation in vases and place them next to the still burning candle.  I warm up some sweet potatoes and we enjoy them with the rest of our blueberries. 



We settle in on the couch together for some Curious George.  Our eyes quickly become heavy, so we go to the bedroom where Rafa and Maya started their naps a couple hours before.  We quickly fall asleep because soon it will be lunch time and our afternoon will start. 

But for now, I kiss my little boy and thank God for blessing me with this morning with him. 

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