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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Its 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.  My sweet little boy just fell asleep. I'm waiting for my hard-working man to finish up his work week and walk through the front gate. And I may be snacking on grape jello.  Oh yes.

Folks, I am tired.  Like I'm-sitting-in-a-wooden-straight-back-chair-so-I-won't-fall-asleep-tired.  I *could* go to sleep, but if that happens in the next little bit, before my handsome husband comes home, I can say adios to a good night's sleep.  Not worth it.

I'm tired, but oh for the best of reasons....

~My body is sustaining the life of a teeny person.  A person we should be holding within 14 weeks or so.  And that may friends, means my body is burning more calories than it probably ever has or ever will.

~ We've been up since 6:30.  For no particular reason, except that the youngest member of our family was done sleeping at that point.  And he had slept through the night.  Looks like our middle of the night rocking cause of teething is over for now.  

~The day was full, thus not giving me a nap.  I'm oh too used to a good 2 hour nap each day.  But I'm grateful for the occasional full day too.

~ We have the birthday of a very special someone to celebrate tomorrow.   We are keeping things simple, just the three of us, but the preparations made for extra errands today.

~ We walked probably over two miles today to complete said errands.

~I have planning, researching, and studying to do.  Monday I start a part time job.  It's been work getting ready, but I kind I enjoy so much.   And the job?  I'll {or should I say I may?}  write more about that later, but its exciting, from the Lord, and a good challenge.

Yes, being tired is a blessing, indeed!  But I'm thankful for the Lord in His wisdom, in making a day of rest...

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  1. Praying for a full night of rest for you my dear!