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Monday, August 26, 2013

Espagueti Verde

I always hesitate to share recipes here.  First of all, I enjoy cooking, but have a hard time of it.  It doesn't come naturally.  Secondly, Mexican dishes are like Italian dishes.  Ask 10 Italians how to make pasta sauce and you'll get at least 15 different answers. Disclaimer:  I'm not an authority on Mexican dishes by any means.  And last of all, I'm nervous to share a recipe 'casue they have been given to me by word of mouth. So its all just a general idea and a pinch of this there and a taste of this there to see what's missing.  I can type out exactly what I do, but you wont produce the *exact* same thing in your kitchen.  In fact, each time I make a dish its a little different and I think I did the same thing as last time.    

So all that much ado about nothing above.  Sorry.

Espagueti Verde {Or Green Spaghetti}

Its a dish our whole family loves, I've only been able to botch it once, and I don't make it nearly enough.  The following is what I do and we enjoy.

~ A poblano chili {They say one lie Mexicans tell is "no pica" but this chili really isn't spicy. More like a green pepper.}  
~ a couple cloves of garlic
~ about 1/4 of a small onion
~ Salt to taste.
~  Cooked spaghetti noodles.  {I use a 200 gram package. This recipe makes enough sauce to cover that and its just the right amount for our small family.}

What I do:
1. Saute the chili whole without any type of oil or fat.  The skin will start to turn black and bubble a bit.  This is a a good thing.  Turn the chili over, letting it saute until its black and bubbly on all sides.  Place in a zip-lock bag and close.  Allow it to cool in the bag.  This will raise the skin up a bit.  Take it out of the bag and pull off as much skin as you can.  {It should come off like a glove, but that doesn't always happen!} Its fine if some skin is still on there.
2.  Take off the stem and clean out the seeds.  Place chili, garlic, and onion in your blender with a bit of water.  Blend until its chunk free.
3.  Place a bit of butter in the bottom of a pot. Once melted, pour in chili mixture and let it simmer for a couple minutes.  At this point I add my salt to taste.
4.  To the simmering mixture, add your cooked noodles.  Allow everything to warm up together and enough liquid to evaporate so that its not too saucy.  You want the chili mixture sticking to the noodles.   You can stir in a bit of cream at this point too, but I usually don't.
5.  Serve warm as is or with shredded queso fresco on top.

The End.

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