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Friday, June 28, 2013

What do you do...

....when life {or rather a generous friend} gives you apples and pears? {Especially when they seem in need of some tender love and care, as noted by their bumps and bruises?}

You make pear-apple sauce, of course!

Easy Peasy Pear-Apple Sauce
*11 cups of fruit {I had 5 cups of apple and 6 of pear}, cores removed and chopped into cubes.  Don't peal.
* A cup of sugar. 
*A couple cracked cinnamon sticks. 
* Four whole cloves
* A teaspoon each of nutmeg and vanilla extract.   
* A splash of water

Mix it all together in your crockpot.  Set on high and allow to cook until fruit is tender.  Mine took about two  hours.  Remove what spices you can, but don't fret too much.  Blend in batches and return to crockpot.  

Cook on high again with the lid ajar until desired consistency is reached.  I left mine for about an hour. 
At this point you can either store it in the fridge, can it, or freeze it.  I froze 3 pints {or six cups} and had a bit left over for the fridge.

I made a second batch using just apples. It took a bit longer for the fruit to cook, but was just as scrumptious!

Your result should be a slightly chunky, but not too much, spicy fruit sauce.   Enjoy and be sure to share with the  eager drooling babe!  

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