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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Because I should.

"You need to update your blog, you know,"  my loving mother mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago.
"Really?  I *have* to?" I questioned.
"Well, you don't have to, but you really should," came her wise response.   

So here I am, nine-thirty on a Sunday night, pounding out a few words in my corner of cyber space.
My lack of posts was never intentional. I just haven't known what exactly to write about.   'Cause while life is full and when my head hits the pillow every night I am exhausted, it is also pretty routine and there are just some details a girl shouldn't share with the public at large.

For example, we are expecting our second-born in November.  {That's exciting, not too routine, and worth sharing, more soon!} But...it means that for the past few months, my days have been filled with delighting in my one-year-old, wanting to think about anything but food,  and my social life has seen much better days.  So if I can't write about going to the open-air market, would rather not think about what we had for lunch, gather enough energy to make memories with my son, but can't find the brain power to share them, what have I really had to write about?  That and anytime I thought about sitting down to write, I would think, "I could be taking a nap right now."  And the nap always won.

See why blog has not happened?   Hope so.

But, by God's grace and goodness, the days are changing, we are excited, have much to do, and the energy to do it!  I'm looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of our life again.   After all, I have a budding toddler to give me plenty of material, a babe growing in my womb, and lots of other undeserved blessings to chronicle.

So I'll be here, typing away.  'Cause I should be.  Thanks mom.

{And finally, some cuteness to tide you over till I get some more pictures uploaded....}

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  1. Thank the Lord for your momma!! I constantly check your blog and NOTHING! so im glad she encouraged you to update more often! Love you!