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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Job These Days.


~ Raises one eyebrow

~Sits up straight.

~Wants to crawl.  But doesn’t. 

~ Is a sweetheart.

~Sturdy and strong. 

~Chews and eats real food. 

~Turned 8 months last Saturday. DSCN3939

~ Has a constant mischievous boy twinkle in his eyes.

~Knows that his papa is and forever will be the greatest. 

~Inspects every new food thoroughly before putting it in his mouth. Once it is there, however, he can’t get enough!

~Sings “papaaa” and “Mammmaa”

~Has a temper when frustrated.

~Rubs his face in soft blankets and sweaters.

~Pretty average size-wise.



~Loves animals.  Especially cats, dogs, and mini chickens. 

~Gives slobbery baby kisses.  But only to his momma.

~Understands the commands “no”, “be gentle” and “stop”. 

~Never passes up the opportunity to be outside.   

~Has short, super pudgy feet. 

~Sleeps amazingly. No complaints here. 


~Plays great on his own.  Even better with other kids. 

~Loves music.  He hums and claps to the beat when in the mood. 

~Still adores his nightly bath. 

~When around plants, he doesn’t pull or break them, but fingers them gently or rubs them on his check. 

~Hearing another baby cry brings tears of his own.

~Has man hands.  

~Laughs from the depths of his belly.


~Wakes up smiling. 

~Prefers plastic bottles, tupperware, and wooden objects over battery operated toys.

~Has his two bottom teeth.  

~Frustrated and scared when  people “baby talk” to him.

~Plays with his pacifier, but never leaves it in his mouth. 

~Is a book fan. 

~Becomes the center of attention in any room he enters.

He’s all this and so much more, but we are just so glad to call him ours! I love having a curious, adventuresome,  growing boy, but I’m happy he’s still young enough to be a cuddly sweet baby too.   I know his babyhood days are quickly ending and toddlerhood is coming fast!  We are ready for the coming days, but I’m savoring every baby moment I get!  

{P.S. In these pictures Job was eating beans for his [second] breakfast.  Yes, he’s Mexican!}

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