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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Dates.

As in numbers on the calendar not evenings alone with a certain handsome man, though we hope to remedy that soon!

I often remember random dates that are particularly special to just me or another person or two.  Like April 2nd, 2005.   The day I met on of my now dearest friends, Christina.  We were pretty unimpressed with each other at first, but have grown to be as close as sisters over the years.  I thank the Lord for that.   And for some reason I remember the exact day and place I met her. 

In more recent years, September holds many many precious moments.  The dates are close to my heart, and I smile anytime I remember them.

September 18, 2009: I stepped on a plane by myself to head a place that I had only heard of, to stay with people I had never met, to live in an unknown language, doing who-knew-what, and for an undetermined amount of time.  Little did I know that on….

….September 19, 2009 I would meet a Mexican guy named Rafa.  Only to fall in love not quite at first sight, but may as have been.  And to promise to love and cherish him and leave and cleave to him 15 months and 15 days later. 

And that September 29, 2010, he would spend the day signing papers to a piece of property.  Our property that our little casita rests on today. 

September 10, 2011:  I took a test for the third time that resulted in two little lines.  The first two just had one line, but if I wasn’t pregnant, something sure was wrong with me.  “Cause if it wasn’t morning sickness, then I was on my death bed. But those two little lines have turned out to be the heart-string tugging four-month-old little man who just woke up from his name and is looking at me, his mom, with his Hersey kiss eyes.  

And therefore, on September 15, 2011, I gave my suegra the greatest gift a girl could ever give her mother-in-law:  a pair of little booties and a card saying “Felicidades Abuelita!”

And finally, September 22, 2011.  We moved across town to our casita.  It as become our home this side of eternity. We worked hard, paid for it in cash, and our proud of our little space.  Dreams have been filled, others broken, and new, better ones made in side these four walls.  It is the house that has been my home for the longest since I left Springlakes Drive in 2006.

And the question is, what will the rest of this month and the following Septembers of my life hold? 

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