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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Broody Hen


I promise I’m not trying to make this blog about chickens….really, I’m not!  But as I have mentioned before, we have them, and I have been reading, searching, and asking other chicken raisers all I can about chickens.  I’m more than a bit of a dork like that, but I believe in continually learning and we are thoroughly enjoying our chicken adventures thus far!  {After getting used to rooster crows in the middle of the night, that is!}

So on to the main point of the post….we have a broody chicken! {Well, I’m pretty sure, at least!  Like I said, we are new to this!} If you aren’t sure what that means, I encourage you to google it.  But lets just say, if all goes well, we should have baby chicks in about three weeks!  I’ll keep ya posted!

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