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Monday, October 24, 2011

A wee bit of fall…

…in a land where there is not one.

Oh, Halloween {or a version of it at least} is celebrated, but when I think of fall, I think of a season.  Cooler temps, colors changing, apple picking, baking, and pumpkin patches.  All of which does not happen here.  Except for the cooler temps, but the weather here is so fickle we go through four seasons’ worth of temperatures in a day.  

But I love fall. It’s one of my favorite seasons. Actually, I just get excited with any season change, cause I really cannot think of a favorite.  Anywho, we have been pretending it is fall, on a small scale. 

~Thanks to the ending {or near ending} of my first trimester, baking is a favorite activity of mine.  Especially sweet breads or anything with cinnamon.

~Tea {Limon Herb for Rafa and Vanilla Chia for me} is the current hot beverage of choice in this house. 

~An open front door, where the sun streams in the brightest, with a chair pulled up, is my favorite afternoon reading spot. 

~Cinnamon sugar magically makes it’s way on top of just about everything possible. 

~  You can find pumpkins in our small town, but they are all green or gray.  I thought about painting some, but I had yet to do it when my brother-in-law {who lives in Xalapa} sent my these little guys.  They have been enough to quench my need for fall décor.  For now at least  :)    IMG_1118

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  1. Baking was a favorite activity of mine while pregnant..... Grandpa was very happy.
    Love, Grandma